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Prof. Dr. Christiane Werner

c_wernerTelefon: +49 (0)761 203 8303



Professur für Ökosystemphysiologie

Institut für Forstwissenschaften

Fakultät für Umwelt und natürliche Ressourcen


Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg

Georges-Köhler-Allee 053 / 054

79110 Freiburg






Academic Record

1988-1995 Student of biology at the University of Cologne, Degree in biology (1 (6-1))
1992        ERASMUS student at the University of Lisbon; Portugal
1996-2000 PhD student at the University of Bielefeld, Germany, supervisor Prof. Beyschlag
1998-2000 Research assistant in Ecological restoration, University of Lisbon
May 2000 PhD-theses (summa cum laude, PhD award for best thesis of the year)

Oct.00 - Oct.01

Research in the European project NETCARB (Network for Ecophysiology in Closing Terrestrial CARbon Budget) at the University of Lisbon, Portugal
Oct.01 Scientific assistant, from Oct. 02 under personal responsibility, Bielefeld
Since 2003 Head of the stable isotope laboratory
1.2.2004 Junior professor of ecophysiological plant ecology, University Bielefeld
7.2012- 6.2015 Full Professor of AgroEcosystems Ecology, University Bayreuth (W2)
Since 5.6.2015 Full Professor of Ecosystem Physiology, University Freiburg (W3)



1992 Erasmus scholarship
1993 Research grant of JNICT, Lisbon, Portugal (3 month)
1996-1997 PhD-scholarship HPSII/AUFE, Deutsche Akademische Auslandsdienst (DAAD) (D/95/09180)
1998 research grant of projecto PRAXIS, Fundação da Faculdade de Ciências, Lisboa (PRAXIS/PCNA/C/BIA/180/96)
1998 Financial assistance for the participation on the 11th international congress of photosynthesis in Budapest
Oct.00 - Sept.01 Post-doc grant of the EC-Network Project NETCARB European Community’s Human Potential Program (IHP-RTN-99-1)



17.11.2000 “Dissertation 2000”, Award of the Lippisch-Westfälische Universitätsgesellschaft
2006 Support for committed female scientist; University of Bielefeld (1000€)
17.06.2009 Karl Peter Grotemeyer-Preis “Für hervorragende Leistungen und persönliches Engagement in der Lehre“ (award for outstanding achievements and personal engagement in teaching)



2013    Wilhelm Pfeffer Prize of the German Botanical Society(DBG)  for the Best-Paper for Rascher et al. 2012, Ecology Letters


 Research activity abroad (selected examples)

1996-1998 University of Lisbon, Portugal (PhD-field work and Portuguese restoration project)
June 1997 Utah State University, Logan, USA (Ecological Modelling)
2001/2 University of Lisbon, Portugal (Post-doc on stable isotopes)


 Carrier Breaks

April03-March04    Full Maternal leave
April 04 -Jul 08 Maternal leave working part-time (20-70%)


 Referee activity for Funding bodies, international scientific journals and Editorial board

Review panel for the Austrian (FWF), Swiss (SNF), France (ASF), US (NSF), Israel (ISF) and Portuguese (FCT) national science foundation’s and reviewed papers for over 14 years in 28 scientific journals (e.g. Biogeoscience; Functional Ecology; Global Change Biology; J. Geophysical Research; New Phytologist; Oecologia, Plant, Cell & Environment; PLOS ONE; RCM). Editorial board of Tree Physiology (2003), Frontiers in Functional Plant Ecology since 2011 and Scientific Data (Nature Pub. Group)