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Z-projects and RTG – Common infrastructure, administration and Research Training Group (RTG)


ECOSENSE is accompanied by two Z-project, which include our joint infrastructure, i.e., joint experimental research platforms for climate extreme experiments and our ECOSENSE Forest (Z1) and an administrative coordination project (Z2). We consider it important to provide a dedicated Research Training Group (RTG) for the doctoral researchers of our highly interdisciplinary CRC programme.

RGT Integrated Research Training Group

An integrated research training group (RTG) will be offered to our doctoral and postdoctoral researchers, to cross the borders of their field and to develop a broader perspective. It uses existing doctoral researcher programmes of the University, but is complemented by ECOSENSE specific measures as well. We will train them in all important aspects and skills of the various disciplines and research areas involved in ECOSENSE, and support them towards scientific independence already at an early career state, to develop their own scientific network and visibility in the international research community, and to provide them with excellent career perspectives.

Open positions: currently there are no open positions in this subproject.

Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Peter Woias and Dr. Kathrin Schmitt

Z1 Joint Research Platform

Z1.1. Ecosphere Experimental Platform (EcoExPo)

The newly funded Ecosphere Experimental Platform of the UNR comprises greenhouses, out-door lysimeters, rain-out shelters and new Ecotrons. They allow comprehensive investigations of plant and community functions, continuously measuring carbon and water fluxes, their isotopes and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) while abiotic (and biotic) stress can be induced. Thus, they enable testing of sensors and sensing principals under harsh environment, as well as the ecological responses und underlying processes. Undisturbed soil cores and saplings from our ECOSENSE Forest can be subjected to controlled drought experiments.

Z1.2 ECOSENSE Forest

Subsequently, the novel sensor networks will be transferred to our core field site, the ECOSENSE Forest, a well-grown mixed forest stand at the foothills of the Black Forest, 40km north of Freiburg, which will be expanded and explicitly equipped for ECOSENSE. We will install an Eddy-covariance tower and two canopy access towers in mixed and pure beech and spruce sites, electricity, and provide technical support to all projects. The ECOSENSE Forest will also be open to other research initiatives.

PIs: Prof. Dr. Andreas Chisten, Prof. Dr. Markus Weiler, Prof. Dr. Christiane Werner and Prof. Dr. Ulrike Wallrabe

Z2 Administration and management of the CRC

Z2 ensures internal and external communication, fosters the collaboration within and between the projects, monitors and controls the timeline of the work in progress and the quality of the scientific content, supports publication processes and controls for good scientific practice.

Open positions: currently there are no open positions in this subproject.

PIs: Prof. Dr. Christiane Werner and Prof. Dr. Ulrike Wallrabe