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    • Marshall J, Cuntz M, Beyer M, Dubbert M, Kühnhammer K
      Borehole equilibration: testing a new method to monitor the isotopic composition of tree xylem water in situ Manuscript
      2020 Front Plant Sci, Band: 11
    • Magh R, Eiferle C, Burzlaff T, Dannenmann M, Rennenberg H, Dubbert M
      Competition for water rather than facilitation in mixed beech-fir forests after drying-wetting cycle
      2020 J Hydrol, Band: 587, Seiten: 1 - 11
    • Haberstroh S, Caldeira M C, Lobo-do-Vale R, Dubbert M, Werner C
      Determination of zero-flow conditions for the thermal dissipation method in a Mediterranean cork-oak ecosystem.
      2020 Acta Horticulturae
    • Kübert A, Paulus S, Dahlmann A, Rothfuss Y, Werner C, Orlowski N, Dubbert M
      Water Stable Isotopes in Ecohydrological Field Research: Comparison Between In Situ and Destructive Monitoring Methods to Determine Soil Water Isotopic Signatures
      2020 Front Plant Sci, Band: 11
    • Magh R C, Eiferle C, Dannenmann M, Burzlaff T, Rennenberg H, Dubbert M
      Water uptake relationships in pure and mixed beech – fir stands during and after a summer drought.
      2020 Agricultural and Forest Meteorology
    • Beyer M, Kühnhammer K, Dubbert M
      X Water Worlds and how to investigate them: A review and future perspective on in situ measurements of water stable isotopes in soils and plants
      2020 HESS discussion


    • Dubbert M, Caldeira M C, Dubbert D, Werner C
      A pool-weighted perspective on the two-water-worlds hypothesis
      2019 New Phytol, Band: 222, Seiten: 1271 - 1283
    • Vetter V, Walter J, Buhk C, Braun M, Clemens S, Dinkel E, Schramm A, Dubbert M, Wegener F, Werner C, Jentsch A
      Invasion windows for a global legume invader are revealed after joint examination of abiotic and biotic filters.
      2019 Plant Biology
    • Kühnhammer K, Kübert A, Brüggemann N, Deseano P, van Dusschoten D, Javaux M, Merz S, Verreecken H, Dubbert M, Rothfuss Y
      Investigating the root plasticity response of Centaurea jacea to soil water availability changes from isotopic analysis
      2019 New Phytol, Band: 226
    • Kübert A, Götz M, Kuester E, Piayda A, Rothfuss Y, Werner C, Dubbert M
      Nitrogen Loading Enhances Stress Impact of Drought on a Semi-natural Temperate Grassland
      2019 Front Plant Sci, Band: 10, Seiten: 1 - 16
    • Sprenger M, Stumpp C, Weiler M, Aeschbach W, Allen S T, Benettin P, Dubbert M, Hartmann A, Hrachowitz M, Kirchner J W, McDonnell J J, Orlowski N, Penna d, Pfahl S, Rinderer M, Rodriguez N, Schmidt M, Werner C
      The demographics of water: A review of water ages in the critical zone.
      2019 Rev Geophys
    • Kuehnhammer K, Kuebert A, Dubbert M, Rothfuss Y
      Visualizing dynamics in RWU profiles under controlled conditions – combining in-situ measurements of water stable isotopes in transpiration and soil water.
      2019 New Phytol
    • Dubbert M, Werner C
      Water fluxes mediated by vegetation: Emerging insights at the soil and atmosphere interfaces.
      2019 New Phytol, Band: 221, Seiten: 1754 - 1763



    • Dubbert M, Kübert A, Werner C
      Impact of leaf traits on temporal dynamics of transpired oxygen isotope signatures and its impact on atmospheric vapor
      2017 Front Plant Sci
    • Piayda, A, Dubbert M, Siegwolf R T W, Cuntz M, Werner C
      Quantification of dynamic soil – vegetation feedbacks following an isotopically labelled precipitation pulse
      2017 Biogeosciences, Band: 14, Seiten: 2293 - 2306
    • Wei X, Lindner S, Dubbert M, Otieno D, Ko J, Muraoka H, Werner C, Tenhunen J
      Supplement understanding of the relative importance of biophysical factors in determination of photosynthetic capacity and photosynthetic productivity in rice ecosystems.
      2017 Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, Band: 232, Seiten: 1 - 16


    • Wei X, Lindner S, Nay-Htoon B, Dubbert M, Otieno D, Ko J, Muraoka H, Werner C, Tenhunen J, Harley P
      Nutritional and developmental influences on components of rice crop light use efficiency
      2016 Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, Band: 223, Seiten: 1 - 16
    • Werner, C., Dubbert, M.
      Resolving rapid dynamics of soil-plant-atmosphere interactions
      2016 New Phytologist, Band: 210, Seiten: 767 - 769
    • Correia, A., Costa-e-Silva, F., Dubbert M, Piayda, A., Perreira, J.S.
      Severe dry winter affects plant phenology and carbon balance of a cork oak woodland understorey
      2016 Acta Oecol, Seiten: 1 - 12
    • Wei X, Nay-Htoon B, Lindner S, Dubbert M, Otieno D, Ko J, Werner C, Tenhunen J
      Soil water availability and capacity of nitrogen accumulation influence variations of intrinsic water use efficiency in rice.
      2016 J Plant Physiol, Band: 193, Seiten: 26 - 36






    Jahre: 2015
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      • Dubbert, M., Werner, C.
        Auswirkungen des Klimawandels in mediterranen Ökosystemen
        In: Folgen des Klimawandels
        2015, , Band: 8, Seiten: 15 - 22,
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